Angelo Conrado Loula

Researcher and Professor 
Intelligent and Cognitive Systems Lab (LASIC)
Informatics Area, Department of Exact Sciences - DEXA

PhD and MSc in Computer Engineering (State University of Campinas - UNICAMP)

Coordinator of the Group for Research in Artificial Cognition (GRACo
Coordinator of the Group for Basic and Applied Research in Inteligent Systems (GPBASI)
Lattes Curriculum (portuguese) 

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Selected Publications


My current research in in the emergence of cognitive and semiotic processes such as meaning, communication and language, and its relateness to other behaviors, through embodied and embedded in the enviroment interactions. My approach includes the study of implications from situated and embodied cognition; semiotics, meaning, communication and representation; autonomy (autonomous agents); complex adaptive systems and self-organization of cognitive competences.

Another topic of research now include text and web mining, including classification, clustering, filtering, recommendation, sentiment analysis, text pre-processing and representartion. 

My research also include educational serious games and simulations, particularly related to science education.

Interests Areas

* Artificial Cognition (see Group for Research on Artificial Cognition)
* Computational Semiotics and Intelligent Systems (see Computational Semiotics Group)
* Artificial Life, Synthetic Ethology, Computational Neuroethology, and all Biologically Inspired Computing
* Adaptive Behavior, Virtual and Embodied Agents, Artificial Cognitive Architectures
* Computational Intelligence (Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation and Fuzzy Systems)
* Text Minining and Knowledge Discovery


PhD in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering specialization) (2011) at DCA/ FEEC/ UNICAMP, Brazil.
MSc in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering specialization) (2003) at DCAFEECUNICAMP, Brazil.
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (2000) at the DEEENGUFBA , Brazil.
Technologist in Computing (1997) at FRB, Brazil.

PhD Thesis

Angelo Loula (2011). Emergência de Comunicação e Representações em Criaturas Artificiais (Emergence of Communication and Representations in Artificial Creatures). PhD Thesis. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of Campinas. Presented on Oct 30, 2011. (in portuguese) (pdf file

MSc Thesis

Angelo Loula (2004). Comunicação Simbólica entre Criaturas Artificiais: um experimento em Vida Artificial (Symbolic Communication among Artificial Creatures: an Artificial Life experiment). MSc Thesis. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of Campinas. Presented on Jan 30, 2004 (in portuguese) (pdf file) - Biblioteca Digital da Unicamp
The experiments I proposed are based in an ALife project called the Symbolic Creatures Simulation.


      DEXA-UEFS/Módulo 5
       Av. Transnordestina, S/N 
        Novo Horizonte
        CEP: 44.036.900
      Feira de Santana - BA - Brasil
      EMAIL:  angelocl [emailAT] 
      Phone: +55-75-3161-8177 (office) / +55-75-3161-8086 (department)

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